The wire frame stage

The wire frame stage

Early on in the web design process, usually after we have discussed the general function of your website, we will provide you a wire frame mock-up inside of the application.
Here we are looking to develop or integrate your existing design elements that will define the look and feel of your website.
Things such as:
  1. Business / Company Logo
  2. Icons
  3. Font Styles for Headers, Paragraphs, Menus, Buttons 
  4. Overall Colour Scheme, usually 2-3 core colours used for web elements / highlights / buttons / links / etc.
  5. 10 core images which will be used in the slider / the header area that is immediately visible when you load the page, as well as any graphical elements that need images for the rest of the front page.
  6. If your site is e-commerce, a range of product images with descriptions and pricing information.
  7. A written article outlining your business and services, along with mission statement. The more information you can provide here the better.
Our end goal for this content is to progress to the full graphical mockup which will preceed the development phase of your new site.

Here is an example of a wireframe:

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