Personal Support Portal

Personal Support Portal

One of the benefits of signing up with the My-Group, is the My-Support Personal Support Portal.
We know that its hard to keep track of all the information that accumulates when managing a large project like getting a new website.
So we decided to integrate a personal support portal page for each of our clients - to be used as a gateway to the important info and services that we provide... saving you from spending hours searching email folders, or trying to remember how things are done.

Here you will gain access to your personal dashboard of tools and services, along with information and analytics.

Some of the reasons you would visit your portal may include:
  1. Direct live chat with support agents
  2. Knowledge and Forums for Self Help issues.
  3. Submit support tickets for website changes, development requests, or technical support
  4. View your login information
  5. Book an appointment for video conference with your account manager
  6. View Training and Support video Library
  7. View management reports for your website
  8. Access website backups
  9. View Invoices / Receipts
  10. Access a copy of your contract
  11. And More

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